What is u-ade™?

U-ADE™ is the world's first sport specific performance drink. Unlike any other sports drink on the planet, every U-ADE™ has a unique formula specific to the sport U are playing. Every ingredient allows U to replenish your body as U play your sport.

What does it mean when you say sport specific?

There is no other sports drink like U-ADE™. The sport specific concept recognizes that each sport is different, and each athlete needs a variety of ingredients to play their sport at a high level. For example, should an offensive lineman in Football drink the same drink as a pitcher in Baseball? Are these sports the same? Are these athletes tasked with the same requirements to compete at a high level at their position? The answer is no, so how can each athlete drink the same drink and expect to benefit from the same ingredients? U-ADE™ is the answer to this revolutionary question.

How do you know what the body needs for each sport?

We have developed a team of players, coaches, nutritionists, and sports medicine professionals to collectively create formulas that will aid each athlete to Play-Better. Our team has many years of experience in sports, and we created sport specific formulas based off of the athletes’ needs.

Will u-ade™ help me score 10 goals in a soccer game, catch 5 touchdown passes or make 8 three-point baskets?

Unfortunately, no. We have formulated these drinks so that you are primed efficiently to play your best. U-ADE™ cannot predict the outcome of any game, however, it can fuel U so that U can perform at your highest level. U-ADE™ is not able to enhance individual talent and or performance, that's why U must also just Be U!

Will u-ade's™ Sport Specific Formulas help me Play Better™?

The U-ADE™ Sport Specific Formulas are formulated to provide each and every athlete the proper nutrients to play the sport of their choice. However, only U are responsible for how well you play the game. So remember, practice makes perfect!

How is u-ade™ different from other sports drinks?

U-ADE™ is infused with 100% levels of Vitamin C, Vitamins B6 & B12, and Vitamin D. Each vitamin plays an integral role in the performance of any athlete. U-ADE™ also provides 100% of Niacin commonly known as Vitamin B3, which uses fuel from carbohydrates, and helps recovery. In addition, U-ADE™ uses natural ingredients that your body already produces, and it only contains natural flavors and colors.

Where can I buy u-ade™?

You may purchase U-ADE™ several ways. Pouches of our sport specific formulas are available at our online U-SHOP store at play-better.com for every athlete to order, enjoy, and play-better. U-ADE™ is also available on Amazon. We are considered a premier product, therefore U-ADE™ is available at select tournaments and leagues across the United States. Visit u-ade.com to find a tournament or U-ADE™ event near you.

Does u-ade™ have caffeine?

None of our products contain caffeine. Scientific data doesn’t support the benefits of athletes consuming caffeine for enhancing performance.

is u-ade™ safe for children and NCAA compliant?

U-ADE™ is a NCAA compliant sports drink for all ages, and is perfectly engineered for children because it is DYE FREE. Many sports drinks on the market today contain artificial dyes to increase the perception of taste/flavor and increase consumer awareness. U-ADE™ is concerned with the safety of our product for our consumers, therefore offering ONLY natural flavors, colors and other natural ingredients. U-ADE™ uses fruits for flavors and vegetables for color.


  • It is important to keep in mind that these supplementations, although beneficial in the proper amount - can be harmful or detrimental to your health if taken in excess via vitamin or mineral supplements.
  • It is important to consult a physician prior to engaging in any physical activity.
  • All information provided has been a reflection of recent studies and developments in the field of nutrition as it relates to sports medicine, and reflects the research of UpTempo Sports, LLC.

U-ADE™ is the World’s First
Sport Specific Performance Drink™

We challenge you to Play Better™ with U-ADE™