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Saul Rodriguez, commonly known as "Neno," is a professional boxer who holds a record of 23-0-1 with 17 highlight-reel knockouts. After an extensive amateur career, this Golden Gloves Champion decided to take the leap to the pros after high school with his debut taking place on September the 23rd of 2011. Signed to Top Rank Boxing as one of their hottest prospects, Neno racked up impressive wins that quickly caught the attention of none other than boxing legend Floyd Mayweather himself, which led to signing under Mayweather Promotions in 2016. Referred to by Floyd as "the knockout artist," Rodriguez was ranked No. 8 by the WBO going into the signing. Fast forward to 2018, Neno was re-signed to Bob Arum's Top Rank Boxing where he currently resides, winning his last three bouts in devastating fashion.

Neno takes up his residence in Riverside, California, where he stays fit and focused 12 months out of the year. With his eyes set on collecting the WBC title, Saul Rodriguez continues to remain one of the top names in the sport to look out for.


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